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Asthmanauts (2021 Update)

I had the pleasure of remotely working with the Asthma Innovation Research team to bring the Asthmanauts project up-to-date for a new campaign in collaboration with NHS England in the Autumn of 2021.

The aim is to bring awareness and education to young people (ages 4-10) about asthma in a vibrant and colourful space-themed universe.
Parents and children alike can enjoy following the heroes, Captain Blue and Commander Brown as they prepare their ‘Inhaler Rockets’ and blast off on a journey to understand the condition, common triggers and dangers, and how to better manage their condition.
As part of the campaign we hope to engage young people and parents through posters, flyers, bookmarks, and a fun and interactive physical and digital booklet, complete with a tracker chart, a word search and puzzles.

You can view, download or print a selection of Asthmanauts resources for free HERE.